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Bank Organization Guide/Showcase

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Hey everyone! So recently I've gotten a lot of requests from people who want to see my bank and see how it's organized so that they can get some inspiration for organizing their own bank. I've gotten tired of sending individual pictures on discord to everyone that requests it so I figured I'd just make a forum post for it instead. Now, obviously everyone will tend to organize their bank in a way that suits them. This is what works for me, so if you're not feeling it, experiment and try to find your own preferred way to organize it.


Overall Layout



This is the overall layout for how I have my tabs organized. Something I've considered doing recently is adding some tabs so that I can break up some of the bigger tabs into smaller sections, but for now this is how I have it. So, in order of left to right we have:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Skill capes + Rares
  • Main Gear
  • Range Stuff
  • Mage Stuff
  • Potions + Food + Farming
  • Skilling
  • Miscellaneous Gear


Miscellaneous Tab


This is probably the least-organized tab out of all of them. Every bank needs a dumping ground to store random stuff that doesn't really fit into the other categories, so this is that dumping ground. 


There isn't really a whole lot of organization here apart from the first handfull of rows. I have the cash stack and platinum token stack at the very front, followed by some other currencies, clue scrolls, teleport scrolls, etc. Then there is a bit of organization in the layout of those costumes, but after that it's mostly a mess. I don't care very much about how this tab is organized; all I really want is for the cash + platinum stack to be at the very front so that it's always the first thing I see (who doesn't like looking at a big cash stack?) and it's easy to get to.





Skill Capes + Rares Tab


Next up we have the tab that holds my skill capes, rares, and a few other miscellaneous things.


Up front are all the skill capes, max capes, music capes, etc. After that are the rares like 3rd Age, Party Hats, Santa Hats, etc. Next are the pets, then the tier 4 Achievement Armor, and finally some miscellaneous rares.



Main Gear Tab


And now for my favorite tab. This is the tab that holds all the gear that is used on a regular basis, so the organization of this tab is very important to me since it allows me to gear up for raids or bossing or whatever very quickly.


At the top I have all the gear sets like melee, ranged, magic, void, etc all aligned vertically since I think that makes for a cleaner organization and allows me to find the full set of whatever I want much quicker. Other than that, the main organizational strategy here is just keeping the similar things together. The top right has the amulets and bracelet. Below each of the sets is the boots and cape for that set. All the main weapons are mostly together. The gloves are together. The rings are together. And so on. I don't think this is perfect, and there's a lot of room for changes here, but the important thing is that it looks nice, and I know where everything is so that I can gear up very quickly.



Range Stuff Tab


And now we're back to another tab that doesn't have a whole lot of organization. This is the tab that holds all the miscellaneous ranging stuff that I like to keep around in case I need it, but is not necessarily something that I use super often. If I used it super often it would be in the main gear tab.


So this tab holds things like chinchompas, different bolts, arrows, darts, and cannonballs, and so on. It's semi-organized so that all the bolts are together, all the darts are together, etc, but there isn't much more going on than that.



Mage Stuff Tab


Similar to the range tab, the mage tab holds all the miscellaneous mage stuff that is not used very frequently.


Of course we have all the runes up front and organized so that it's easy to find the ones I'm looking for, and then after that it gets into the staves, tiaras, different mage armors, etc.



Potions + Food + Farming Tab


Now this is one of the tabs that I mentioned earlier might be nice to break up a bit since there's a lot going on in here. But, I think I keep it well-organized so I always know where to find stuff. This is the tab that holds all my potions, all my food, and then also seeds for farming.


First and foremost are all the potions. Keeping placeholders for every different number of doses for these potions is an absolute MUST for me so that I can just dump half-finished potions from my inventory and know that they're not going to end up at the bottom of some random tab. Next we have all the clean herbs, in order. I used to keep grimy herbs in here too but then I realized that was just taking up too much space so I got rid of that. Now I just clean the grimy herbs as I get them so that I only have to store the clean ones. Finally after that is all the food - cooked and raw - and then farming seeds. At the very bottom is just stuff like miscellaneous secondaries for making potions. I didn't want to dedicate bank space to keeping placeholders of all the secondaries, so they just get dumped down there until I need to make more potions.





Skilling Tab


This is another tab that I think is important to keep organized so that it's easy to get set up for whatever skill you want to do. This tab holds supplies for every non-combat skill except for herblore, fishing, cooking, and farming since those were in the previous tab.


Like I mentioned in the main gear tab, the primary organizational strategy here is keeping similar things together, with a layout that looks nice. So at the top we have all the different tools followed by all the different skilling outfits. After that it's all about keeping supplies for the same skill together. All the ores are bars are together, all the gems are together, all the logs are together, and so on. At the very bottom it gets a little messy so that could do with a bit of reorganizing.




Miscellaneous Gear Tab


This tab is an absolute mess, to be honest. It holds all the miscellaneous gear that is nice to keep around but isn't really something that I use very often. This covers things like the melee barrows sets, items needed for clues, duplicate items that I'm waiting to sell, and so on. Things get added to this tab pretty often so I don't really bother to keep it organized.




And that's the end of it! Let me know what you think about how I have things organized and if you have any suggestions for things I could switch around.

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Neatly done. +1

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Noice bank. That rune longsword is looking quite mint there. ^-^

Edited by Anya

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11 hours ago, Anya said:

Noice bank. That rune longsword is looking quite mint there. ^-^


Oh good catch that should obviously be in the main gear tab.

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Now that's what you call a good-looking bank.

You've made me quite jealous.


Pog champ on the main gear tab, lookin' sweet brother!

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