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Bond Promotion - Bug fixes

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Hey guys,


Just a quick patch to mainly fix some of the bugs that players have been facing in the Dominion tower. Today is also the first anniversary since Indova has launched! While we do not have anything special planned (we were busy with the dominion tower), we'll be running DXP today for 24 hours aswell as a bond promotion.


  • To celebrate the 1 year anniversary since the launch of Indova, we are holding a bond promotion allowing players to gain an additional 20% store points + donation total when redeeming a bond.
  • Added a bank deposit box at the rewards area for Dominion tower.
  • Fixed a bug with Grotesque Guardians not being able to spawn in the Dominion Tower.
  • Added the Dominion tower drop broadcasts to the #ingame-news discord channel.
  • PvM Point store adjustments:
    • Darklight now costs 5000 points instead of 9500
    • Salve amulet now costs 7500 points instead of 10000
    • Ring of wealth now costs 5000 points instead of 15000
    • Dwarf cannon set now costs 3000 points instead of 6000
    • Ecumenical key now costs 1250 points instead of 2000
    • Soul bearer now costs 5000 points instead of 15000
  • Removed the Pheasant trouble quest dialogue from Doris as the quest is no longer active.
  • Fixes for certain attacks which Kalphite Queen and General Graardor do in the Dominion tower.
  • Deposit boxes will no longer deposit the wrong amounts. Also added the Deposit-x option.
  • Brimstone keys dropped in the Dominion tower will now be added to your inventory automatically otherwise it will now drop underneath you (previously it would sometimes spawn in walls etc)
  • Vorkath's head drop will now be added to your inventory or be dropped outside of the Dominion tower for collection while inside of the Dominion Tower.
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Congratulations on the first year! I hope for many to come! Keep up with the good stuff happy to support! 

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I would like to make a shout-out to the staff-team and anyone else involved in the creation/maintenance of Indova. It's been a blessing thus far. I can not wait to see what this year has in store for us, it's going to be a blast that's for sure!


Cheers lads.


@Indova @Deluxe @Flux @Derosul



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