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I was forced to write this....

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Good server, Very Well Coded, @Indova Thomas has done a very good job coding, as well as, adding easter eggs that I use weekly to troll new HCI/older clueless HCI pretending to have them 1 hit (Easter Egg from Halloween Event that deals 99% Damage to you.) By far the best server I've ever been a part of. The staff team is amazing, and I'm thankful they put up with my shenanigans/Bullshit on a weekly basis. 


The community is amazing, we do have our moments but the regardless the community is one of the best, I wouldn't really change anything about it. Even though, i tend to be the rotten apple in the bunch, and I apologize.... 


Anywho, I love you all no homo.  I'm grateful to be apart of such an amazing, ever growing community! 


Enjoy a HCI almost getting smacked. 

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