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Brimstone Chest Rewards

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The following items are possible rewards from the Brimstone Chest:



  • 50-100x Uncut diamond
  • 100-150x Uncut ruby
  • 150-300x Air orb
  • 450-650x Coal
  • 2000-5000x Pure essence
  • 300_000-500_000x Coins
  • 150-300x Gold ore
  • 50-100x Grimy ranarr weed
  • 50-75x Grimy snapdragon
  • 50-75x Grimy lantadyme
  • 50-75x Grimy dwarf weed
  • 50-75x Grimy torstol
  • 100-200x Black dragonhide leather
  • 300-500x Snape grass
  • 300-500x Crushed nest
  • 300-500x Eye of newt
  • 300-500x Mort myre fungus
  • 300-500x Limpwurt root
  • 300-500x Red spiders' eggs
  • 300-500x White berries
  • 300-500x Potato cactus
  • 300-500x Wine of zamorak
  • 300-500x Jangerberries



  • 1500-3000x Blood runes
  • 1500-3000x Cannonballs
  • 50-100x Battlestaff
  • 100-150x Adamantite bar
  • 4-8x Magic seed
  • 150-300x Dragon arrowtips
  • 150-300x Dragon dart tip
  • 25-50x Uncut dragonstone



  • 25-50x Superior dragon bones
  • 100-150x Mahogany planks
  • 50-100x Runite bar
  • 3-5x Crystal key


Very Rare

  • Mystic hat (dusk)
  • Mystic robe top (dusk)
  • Mystic robe bottom (dusk)
  • Mystic gloves (dusk)
  • Mystic boots (dusk)
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