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Dominion Zone Changes - Iron Man Drop Trading - Dominics Coffer

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Hello everyone,


Today's patch is adding some much requested changes to Dominion Zone


  • There is now a rewards interface when claiming the items from Dominion Zone
  • Fixed oversight where Dominion Zone game would start with a gamble run amount of 1 (this was there for debug/testing purposes, but was left by mistake)
  • Items lost in NMZ will now save on logout (just forgot to save them previously)
  • Dominics Coffer has been implemented and can be used to store up to 2147m gp
  • Based on the recent poll results, all Ironmen are now able to drop trade.
  • The changes on a previous patch made for Corporeal beast's max hits has been reverted based on feedback. It now hits a max hit of 50 if protecting from magic (instead of 43) otherwise 60 (instead of 65).
  • Fixed certain croziers not being recognised as weapons.
  • Fixed Brimstone key from Vorkath and the smaller variants of the cave krakens dropping on unreachable tiles.
  • Items sold to Sigmund by Ironmen will now also be added to his shops stock (previously it was instantly removed to prevent irons being able to transfer items in to the economy).
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12 hours ago, hxpless said:

Group Iron, Duo(+?) de-iron, and duo change bonds next?

Next? No

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