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CoX Changes - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,


Note: Your client will need to be updated for some of the additions.


As some of you know, we are working on QoL and Bug Fixes as requested by most of the community. We will begin working on content related updates soon(tm)


Chambers of Xeric

  • A purple light should now be shown on top of chests that contain a unique
  • Fixed a typo where the phases in Olm did not increase properly for every 8 party members (the amount of phases is now 3-8; increases +1 for every 8 party members)
  • Amount of logs received from trees will now scale with your Woodcutting level (+1 per 20 woodcutting levels)
  • Chance of trees depleting is now 3/30 instead of 3/10
  • The chests in the thieving room no longer require a thieving level to loot
  • The amount of points you get per grub deposited in the thieving room has been increased by x5
  • The time it takes for the grub to become hungry right after being fed has been increased to 60 seconds



  • One of the following messages will now appear at random on login:
    • Feel free to join Indova's active Discord server by typing ::discord.

    • If you require any staff assistance, please do not hesitate to type ::help.

    • Visit our ::forums to stay familiarized with updates, events and so forth!

    • A list of Donator benefits can be viewed by typing ::benefits.

    • Remember to ::vote for GP, bonus XP and a chance of receiving a bond!

    • You can start an event every 3 hours by donating 5M GP to the Well of Goodwill.

    • In need of Blood Money? Try Wilderness Slayer or the Revenant Caves!

    • Indovians+ can use an XP rate change bond for an additional XP rate change!

    • Donators can get up to 15% additional drop rate boost!

    • Remember to read Indova's rules by typing ::rules!

  • Uncharging a Trident of the Swamp will now refund the scales.
  • Players can now enhance their tridents by giving 10 Kraken tentacles to Lieve McCracken located outside of the Cave kraken's dungeon.
  • Imbued Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak capes have been made alchable and their alch price has been reduced to 54 gp (based on their 90 gp death value).
  • Fixed an issue where the Name-change bond would redirect the user to the old website url.
  • Added "Tank Event" to the Indova panel. This will allow players to find out whether the tank event is alive or dead, clicking on it will show additional info such as what level Wilderness it spawned at and how long until it respawns/despawns.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tank event would sometimes end up spawning quicker than intended after being despawned.
  • Added additional Hellhound spawns in the Catacombs of Kourend.
  • A Clue mystery box has been added to the Vote store costing 1250 vote points each. These will only contain items that are obtainable from clues. You can view the items here - https://forum.indovaps.com/index.php?/topic/3290-clue-mystery-box-rewards/
  • Fixed Fishing plugin showing "Not fishing" while fishing.
  • Fixed the Chat History plugin not showing previous messages on relog.
  • Added a "Notify on private message" option to the Chat notification plugin.
Edited by Deluxe
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After you first deposit your grubs at thieving room, you no longer get points for next deposits. These updates are really good though, been looking forward for them!

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Nice QoL, thanks alot. :)

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4 hours ago, minnie said:

It's still not FISHING


Have you updated your client? Also where are you fishing?


If you're seeing "Sticky red goop" in the vote store, then it means that your client is outdated and not autoupdating for some reason. You can either redownload the client (delete any previous indova clients first) or make sure that your client is specifically named "Indova" and not something like "Indova(1)"

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Awesome work, Deluxe & Tom. I'm sure fellow raiders will appreciate the purple lighting effect, when receiving a unique, I know @hc gutta will lol.


10/10 :)



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