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Progress thread

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Started playing 28 days prior to this thread, figured I'd show my ~1 month progress and continue to update a progress thread.





-Time played at 28 days (yikes)



-Stats at 28 days



-Bank at 28 days (.gif)



-Achievements at 28 days



Updated achievements:




[ Key: Yellow = In Progress | Red = Not Started | Green = Completed ]


Runecrafting icon 93/99

skill_icon_construction1.gif 99/99

skill_icon_agility1.gif 94/99

skill_icon_thieving1.gif 99/99


skill_icon_fletching1.gif 99/99

skill_icon_hunter1.gif 93/99

skill_icon_mining1.gif 99/99

skill_icon_smithing1.gif 99/99

skill_icon_fishing1.gif 99/99

skill_icon_cooking1.gif 99/99

skill_icon_firemaking1.gif 99/99

skill_icon_woodcutting1.gif 99/99

skill_icon_farming1.gif 99/99



Dragon defender - Dragon Defender 1/1

Berserker ring(i)Archer ring(i)Seers ring(i)Warrior ring(i) - (i) Ring Set 3/4

Dragon axe - Dragon Axe

Ring of sufferingTormented braceletNecklace of anguishAmulet of torture - Zenyte Set 3/4

Mage's book Master wand - Mage's Book & Master Wand 1/2 

Rune pouch - Rune Pouch 1/1

Saradomin godsword - Saradomin Godsword 0/1

Armadyl helmetArmadyl chestplateArmadyl chainskirt - Armadyl Set 0/3

Bandos chestplate Bandos tassetsBandos boots - Bandos Set 0/3

Armadyl crossbow - ACB 0/1

Zamorakian spear - Zamorakian Spear 0/1

FcxjLuC.png - Toxic Staff of the Dead 0/1

Dragonfire shieldDragonfire wardAncient wyvern shieldSpectral spirit shieldArcane spirit shieldElysian spirit shield - Shields 0/6

Abyssal dagger - Abyssal Dagger 0/1

Dragon warhammer - Dragon WarHammer 0/1

Dragon pickaxe - Dragon Pickaxe 0/1

Dragon harpoon - Dragon Harpoon 0/1

Toxic blowpipe - Blowpipe 1/1

Trident of the seas - Trident of the Seas 1/1

Kraken tentacle - Abyssal Tentacle 1/1

Eternal bootsPrimordial bootsPegasian boots - Boots 2/3

Fighter hat - Fighter Hat 0/1

Abyssal bludgeon - Abyssal Bludgeon 1/1

Heavy ballista - Heavy Ballista 0/1

Crystal bow - Crystal Bow 0/1

Crystal shield - Crystal Shield 0/1

Crystal halberd - Crystal Halberd 0/1

Torag's hammers - All Barrows 23/24 need ah staff -_-

Twisted bowScythe of vitur - CoX & ToB stuff - 0/??? =\


Lumberjack topLumberjack hatLumberjack legsLumberjack boots - Lumber Jack Set 4/4

Rogue maskRogue glovesRogue topRogue bootsRogue legs - Rogue Set 5/5

Angler hatAngler topAngler wardersAngler boots - Angler Set 4/4

Pyromancer hoodPyromancer garbPyromancer bootsPyromancer robe - Pyromancer Set 4/4

Farmer's hatFarmer's torsoFarmer's legsFarmer's boots - Farming Set 4/4

Prospector helmetProspector jacketProspector legsProspector boots - Mining Set 4/4

Graceful hoodGraceful topGraceful legsGraceful capeGraceful glovesGraceful boots - Agility Set 6/6

Void ranger helmVoid mage helmVoid melee helmVoid knight topVoid knight robeVoid knight gloves - Void Armor Set 6/6

Elite void topElite void robe - Elite Void Armor Set 2/2









Shoutout to @Justin for hosting massive giveaways to help get my donor status and also letting me steal his progress thread's layout & @xjinx (my duo) for paying for some of my donor!

Also join Syndicate CC and Discord for tons of giveaways and events!

Edited by travis22
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Wow, such an amazing account and bank!!!!  You are truly an elite Indovian :)

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Wowee! You've been hella grinding, I'm almost jealous of your success. ;)

Keep it up!

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