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Raid Bug Patch

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Ok well most raids can't be fixed with this, but in terms of things like getting stuck in the wall, a server-sided D.C, etc. You should be able to log out and login as the raid leader and not be kicked from the party. This works if you're not the raid leader already.  I have done about 170 cox kills, and about 30 of them I had to leave due to bugs, about 7 of those could have been fixed if I could relog without being booted. Approximately 15 of them were fixed by teleporting my team over the door, or killing the NPC. 

TL;DR Remove kick on logout for raid leaders, and possibly add a button to leave raids. 

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Isn’t specifically in relation to the suggestion/bug you’ve mentioned but we’re trying to sort out the bug where rooms won’t start/end properly. We know what the issue is with that but a proper fix for it is pretty hard to do currently. We’ve added a command for server mods+ to be able to use it whenever a player gets stuck in a cox room

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We're currently testing a rewrite of part of the core which will address this issue so fingers crossed it works out. We'll update the live server once we're confident enough that the issue no longer exists.

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