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Chaotic Evil

1x UIM - Current Progress and Goals.

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Hello fellow Indovians. Haven't really done one of these before but I'd like to give it a go. Figured there would be a ton of small updates in line for this account, so I'll try to keep it up to date. I work full time, and don't play all that often, and this might become weekly based updates. Will also treat this like a suggestion thread of what would be good for the account.


Current Progress:







Completed 3 Medium Clue, 3 Hard Clue. 

Adamant (g) platelegs.

Zamorak Top

Bandos Coif

A Smattering of Pages.


Short-term goals:

43 prayer minimum for all overheads.

55 Slayer for Broad Bolts.

Obtaining 3 herblore to get the ability to train it. Cleaning one Guam at a time right now.

Full Graceful.

Full Proselyte.

Full enchanted/ancient staff.

Slayer Helm

Grind out full rune again from Greater demons for Champions guild.

(130 attack/strength total achieved)

Dragon Defender



Need a magic shortbow for my broad arrows. Might have to make this. (50 range, 80 fletching, and 75 woodcutting)


Get Tzhaar on task for Obsidian drop for decent melee gear.



Train combats only on task or a goal related mob-drop.


100cmb to join the Veteran Boat on PC double points. (Currently 85)


Lower my amount of inventory slots. (Getting kinda full.)



Attempt to get 78 Construction for a working magic wardrobe.

(The ones below this are busted.)


(Feel Free to suggest some short-term goals!)


Edited by Chaotic Evil
Updated current stats.
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Not really sure about any goals but it's nice to see one of those threads again. :)
Im just hoping it's not dying after a few weeks

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Interesting goals at hand. Best of luck with obtaining 100+ combat level and what ever else you desire, it should be fun!

Try not to burn yourself out!

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RIP lost full Ankou minus the head. Have fun getting that in your Mboxes.




Slayer helm achieved! 60k Tokkul so far as well. Working for full obsidian for the bonus with berserker necklace.

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All I have to say... God damn. Can't imagine doing an uim, especially at such a low xp rate. My plebian ways offer pretty much no value to a man such as yourself.. soooo... gl! :p


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I tried doing a NORMAL x1 account and couldn't do it so I can't even imagine your struggle. GL on the a count and congratulations on getting a slayer helmet!

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No updates till Sunday probably. A friend's birthday and going to be painting my basement. Man cave shall evolve. 

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