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Daily Tasks

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Threads title says it all. Daily Tasks. 

Upon completing a Daily Task you will be given a reward. Daily Tasks should be determined by the level of your skills, meaning if you dont have 60 woodcutting you cant get a task that asks you to cut a certain amount of yew-magic-redwood logs.


List of Daily Task examples;


Bury 5-50 Bones - Superior Dragon Bones 

Use 5-50 Bones - Superior Dragon Bones on a Altar of any kind.

Fish 25-100 Shrimp - Anglerfish

Cook 25-100 Shrimp - Anglerfish

Cut 25-100 Logs - Redwood Logs

Burn 25-100 Logs - Redwood Logs

Fletch 25-100 Shortbows, Longbows, shields (of any kind)

Cut 25-100 Gems Opal - Dragonstone

Mine 25-100 Ores

Smelt 25-100 Bars

Smith 25-100 Bars (Whatever armor or weapon of whatever tier)

Catch 25-100 of birds - Chins (Hunter wise)

Etc etc im sure we got the idea


Could also spice things up by allowing pvm to be apart of daily tasks by killing a certain amount of bosses or monsters.


Rewards could be:


Coins (amount depends on difficulty of task), Vote Books (Just an idea), 1-3 Mystery Boxes (Depending on difficulty of task)


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This was added to our list of things to have ready for/near release of the rebrand.


If anyone wants to add on to the list of possible daily tasks plz do so

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