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Additions to Indova token store

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Some items and their prices (please object my prices in comments this is just what I see them worth) 


I didn't check all items in the store but i tried to not put in items that are already in the store

I would like to see these added to the store

Barrows pieces - 5m a piece except karils and ahrims top/bottom at 10-15m a piece 
Fury - 10m 
Occult - 5-10m
Zenyte Jewellery - 80m
Godswords - 20m ea
Bandos Tassets - 75m

Bandos Chestplate - 65m

Armadyl Chestplate - 80m

Armadyl Chainskirt - 65m

Armadyl crossbow - 250m

Zammy hasta - 100m

DHCB - 125m

Rapier - 800m

Kodai - 250m

Imbued heart - 125m

Arcane SS - 1.2b

Spectral SS - 100m

Elysian - 5B

Blessed SS - 20m

Twisted Bow - 4b

Scythe - 4b

Sang staff - 800m

Justicar helm - 35m

Justicar Plate - 250m

Justicar legs - 200m

Ancestral hat - 50m

Ancestral top - 250m

Ancestral legs - 200m

Heavy ballista - 25m 

DHL - 200m

Abby Dagger - 10m 

Bludgeon - 15m

Kraken tent - 15m

DCB - 25m

DFS - 75m

Avernic defender hilt - 75m

Elder maul - 125m

Claws - 75m

Dinhs - 40m

Dex - 50m

Arcane prayer scroll - 20m


Not only do the items need to be added but I think the shop needs updating to what @veteran.pngC R I M suggested. A rotating shop that has a new set of random items selected from a long list for an increased amount of points, if this idea is wanted I am sure the community could help come up with the list of items that would change every say 24 hours. 



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