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Ring of Sufferings - Lunar Spells - QoLs

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Hey all,


Today's update brings you the following changes:

  • You can now use ferocious gloves on the machinery in the Lithkren vault to turn it back in to hydra leather.
  • Added Tan Leather lunar spell.
  • Added additional items to be sellable to the Indova token store (https://forum.indovaps.com/index.php?/topic/3688-additions-to-indova-token-store/).
  • Alchemical hydra drop rate changes:
    • Tail 1/500 -> 1/400
    • Leather 1/1000 -> 1/800
    • Claw 1/2000 -> 1/1600
    • Ring pieces 1/180 -> 1/150
  • Added additional drops to npcs: https://i.imgur.com/Xw2dIHr.png
  • You can now use ring of recoils (both unnoted and noted) on your Ring of sufferings to give them the recoil effect.
  • Added the missing equip requirements for the Ring of sufferings.
  • You can now use an Enchantment scroll on a Ring of suffering (r) to turn it in to a Ring of suffering (ri). Uncharging the ring will not refund the recoils used however the charges will remain.
  • Added String Jewellery lunar spell.
  • Added Super Glass make spell.
  • You can now equip the Granite ring.
  • Fixed an issue with Duo slayer partners not being able to receive Brimstone key drops.
  • Wearing a Slayer ring (eternal) will now spawn Superiors at a rate of 1/170 instead of 1/200.
  • Enabled Zulrah's snakelings spawns as a use for the Ring of Suffering's with the recoil effect being added.
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26 minutes ago, VOSSI BOP X said:

because this would be completely pointless otherwise

Most of these were suggested for awhile, wouldn't call them pointless. But yeah they'll be on the rebranded server too

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