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grampy b

League of Legends

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Any of y'all here playing LoL?? I have personally been playing this game since Season 4 years ago, and never started taking it serious until this year as i'm looking to actually climb through to high ranks among the toxic community. 

Currently have created a smurf for solo flex and 20 games in I am sitting at Silver 1 with my mmr being high enough that I am playing in high platinum / low diamond games, and wow I thought elo hell was silver/gold but these plat/diamond players are even worse for throwing games. 


If you are a LoL player; 


What champion do you play most? 


What is your current rank in Solo/Duo? Flex? 


If you are high rank, did you one trick a champion or play multiple to get where you are? 


When did you first start playing? 


What is your opinion on the state of the game going into Season 10? 


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