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Supply Crate Loot

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Below you can find the possible loot from Supply crates found in the Skilling store:

  • Raw lobster (x50-100)
  • Raw swordfish (x40-75)
  • Raw monkfish (x30-40)
  • Raw shark (x15-20)
  • Adamant dart tip (x150-300)
  • Rune dart tip (x100-200)
  • Dragon dart tip (x50-100)
  • Coal ore (x50-100)
  • Steel bar (x25-50)
  • Gold ore (x25-35)
  • Mithril ore (x30-40)
  • Mithril bar (x15-20)
  • Adamantite ore (x10-20)
  • Adamant bar (x5-10)
  • Runite ore (x5-10)
  • Runite bar (x1-5)
  • Ranarr seed (x1-15)
  • Snapdragon seed (x1-10)
  • Maple seed (x1-5)
  • Yew seeds (x1-5)
  • Magic seed (x1-5)
  • Spirit seed (x1-5)
  • Watermelon seed (x1-5)
  • Teak logs (x25-50)
  • Mahogany logs (x20-40)
  • Yew logs (x20-50)
  • Magic logs (x10-35)
  • Uncut diamond (x15-30)
  • Uncut dragonstone (x5-15)


1/60 chance of receiving:

  • Angler set piece
  • Prospector set piece
  • Pyromancer set piece
  • Lumberjack set piece
  • Farming set piece


1/500 chance of receiving:

  • Chompy chick pet



If you have any items to suggest that should be added to the supply boxes, please create a thread under the Suggestions section.

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