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Basics To Money Making

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Figured i would make a guide for some of the new players coming to the community that wanna make some money
*bare in mind some of these methods will change and become more/less profit as time goes on (ill try to update this every few months or on big updates)


Thieving is a really good semi afk way to make a fair bit of cash for little effort and 0 combat. To start thieving all you need to do is click the stalls at home, starting with the gem stall, then food stall, all the way to scimitar stall. To turn the items you steal into coins just trade with the gem merchant npc and he will give you between 500 and 2500 gp for each item.

Killing Dragons

This Is something many people overlook but can be a great way to train combat and make a bit of fast money. Dragon bones are some of the fastest and easiest bones to acquire for training prayer as dragons require very minimal gear. There are a lot of places to kill dragons like Green Dragons in the wilderness Blue And Black Dragons in Taverly dungeon Steel, Iron, Bronze, and Red dragons in Brimhaven. Bones are always fluctuating in price but one can expect between 80-125k a bone on average* 

Slayer Tasks

Slayer tasks are a very good way to make money. The rewards for completing a slayer task depends on the difficulty you chose, as points vary from xp rate to xp rate but the cash rewards will not change. For Easy tasks you will receive 100k, Medium is 500k, and Hard is 1m. Along with this if you have the "Bigger and Badder" reward unlocked, there is a chance you will get a Superior monster from your task, and they always drop a clue scroll and a crystal key; which both in themselves can reward good loot, but they also have an increased chance to drop a unique item.


This should be pretty self explanatory but potion making is one of the best semi-afk methods for money. 


  • Prayer potions(3/4) 25-40k+
  • Sarabrews(3/4) 25k
  • Super restores(3/4)  20-30k
  • Super Combat(4) 50k+

Not every potion will sell as high but there are others, ranging potion(4), Anti-Fires(4) and Super/Extended Anti-fires(4) all sell pretty well but these prices are so hit and miss that i would stick to the main 4 for now.

Fishing and Cooking

This is a guaranteed money maker as there will always be a need for food. the best fish and food to collect for this are all high level but will make large amounts of money when sold in large quantities.

  • Monkfish
  • Shark (5k+ raw) (10k+ cooked)
  • Anglerfish (10k+ raw) (20-25k cooked)
  • Dark Crabs (from the wilderness)



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Thanks for the guide, Flyguy22. This will be very helpful for the newcomers when they eventually arrive.

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Thanks for this guide mate, this will help me alot due to the fact im just starting today

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