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Drop Rate Benefits - Detailed

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Every time I log in, somebody usually has trouble understanding the drop rate benefits listed in ::topic 361. At a glance it can be rather confusing so I'm going to do my best to break it down, with a method of calculation that's easy for everybody to understand.


Calculator, thanks to @Kevinf100 https://sites.google.com/view/indovapsxpcalcalculator/drop-rate-calculator


To work this out yourself for any given items drop rate you can simply;



  Drop rate of item        x         Your XP Rates 'rate'      =               Rate Benefit

             4abad05c4fbe829bb9df85cad5e23116.png          X      23b8cd67301c8d08f6457a96356d186c.png        =      3cb6c0d50f208c632ec099e78b862cca.png


Drop rates of particular items can be found by typing ::drops ingame or at https://indovaps.com/npcdrops

'rates'  for all XP rates below in spoiler.




Let's say we're hunting for an Abyssal whip.  The Abyssal whip has a 1/512 drop rate from Abyssal demons.

1/512 is quite a common drop rate for high tiered items.

If my XP rate is x26-x75, my drop rate will remain 1/512


If my XP rate is _ my drop rate will become;

  • 1x XP rate - 1/358.4
  • 2x XP rate - 1/393.85
  • 3x XP rate - 1/398.77
  • 4x XP rate - 1/403.7
  • 5x XP rate - 1/408.615
  • 6x XP rate - 1/413.54
  • 7x XP rate - 1/418.46
  • 8x XP rate - 1/423.4
  • 9x XP rate - 1/428.31
  • 10x XP rate - 1/433.23
  • 11x XP rate - 1/438.15
  • 12x XP rate - 1/443.07
  • 13x XP rate - 1/448
  • 14x XP rate - 1/452.93
  • 15x XP rate - 1/457.85
  • 16x XP rate - 1/462.77
  • 17x XP rate - 1/467.7
  • 18x XP rate - 1/472.61
  • 19x XP rate - 1/477.54
  • 20x XP rate - 1/482.46
  • 21x XP rate - 1/487.38
  • 22x XP rate - 1/492.31
  • 23x XP rate - 1/497.23
  • 24x XP rate - 1/502.15
  • 25x XP rate - 1/507.7
  • 26x XP rate - 1/512
  • 27x XP rate - 1/512
  • 28x XP rate - 1/512





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6 minutes ago, Strez said:

Very nicee. Mind if I add this to the main post and credit you?

Go ahead, i don't really care.

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It should be put in giant bold letters on the FAQ about exprates that x26-74 literally shouldn't even be options since there is zero benefit and only downside. Rip my account since I blew my swap switching to x26 since using their given formula it's the most efficent exprate because no cap at 1.0 was ever mentioned.

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