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Hardcore Ironman Guide

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Things you should know:


  • The xp-rate by default is X15. This can be changed, but only once.
  • As a HCI you only have 1 life
  • No trading with other players.
  • No access to regular shops.
  • You may only buy cosmetic items from the Indova Point store.



Table of content:


General tips:

  • Shops
  • Teleporting
  • Quick cash
  • Slayer
  • Healing
  • Bonus XP
  • Skilling points
  • PvM points
  • Drops
  • Safe deaths


HCI Guide:

  • Step 0: Creating your account
  • Step 1: Tools
  • Step 2: Basic stats
  • Step 3: Prayer
  • Step 4: Barrows gloves
  • Step 5: Greater demons
  • Step 6: Dragon defender
  • Step 7: Slayer helm
  • Step 8: More slayer
  • Step 9: ???


Random tips:


  • Heart Crystal
  • Skill points
  • PvM points
  • Farming
  • Herblore
  • Crafting
  • Smithing
  • Slayer





General tips



As a HCI you can not trade with other players or use the shops that regular players can. Instead you have your own NPC (Juan) for two HCI-oriented shops. Juan can be found north of Edgeville bank. You may also trade Duradel for Slayer supplies.


image.png.bd386a9976ff791bed2de5ac28034cde.png 3aTlEdY.png



You can teleport by clicking on the yellow portal at ::home. 


Alternatively you can unlock quick teleporting if you open up the Indova Panel (Quest tab left to your inventory tab) and click on “Teleports” or click on what would normally be the “Report” button at the bottom of your client. The ability costs 50k gp per hour. It’s worth it. Once you have quick teleporting unlocked you can open up the teleports panel by double-tapping Enter or clicking on the “Report” button.



You will most likely find yourself in need of cash when your quick teleports run out.


The fastest and most reliable way of making some quick money is probably thieving the stalls at ::home. Steal from the best stall you can and trade the Gem Merchant next to you once your inventory is full. A full inventory of Rusty Scimitars from the last stall is 70k gp.


As a higher level HCI your best money income will be Slayer. Completing slayer tasks will grant you money based on the amount and HP level of the monster.



You can teleport to slayer task locations. Click on your Enchanted gem (buy it from Duradel) and choose “Teleport to assignment location”. It will cost you 50k.


Many of you seem to miss this, but you can cancel slay tasks for free! Just talk to Duradel and pick the third option if you get a task you don't like. However it will break your task streak.



You can right click Dr Ford next to ::home portal to heal yourself every 10 minutes (5 minutes as a donator). 




  • Voting

Since your xp rate is fairly challenging make sure you ::vote every 12 hours. The reward for voting on all 3 sites is 500k cash and an xp multiplier of x1,5 for 30 minutes. You also have a small chance of receiving a $5 bond.


  • Well of Goodwill

When the Well of Goodwill at home gets filled with 10m gp it will randomly start an event. It will either be a Pest Control, Blood Money or a x2.0/x1.5 bonus xp event for any skill, lasting 1 hour. This also stacks with the vote bonus. When the event finishes, there will be a 2 hour cooldown until it can be used again.



Skilling points are something you get while training skills. The math behind it is 100 skill points per every 75 actions. Chopping 75 logs, catching 75 fish, cleaning 75 herbs… etc will grant you 100 points. You can cash in the points by talking to Town Crier north of Edgeville bank.





Similarly to skilling points you get PvM points by killing monsters. The amount of points you get is NPC hitpoints divided by 33. The only criteria is that the NPC is a least 70 combat. Again, Town Crier will help you spend the points.





The in-game command ::DROPS will become your best friend. Typing that will open up the NPC Drops section on our website. You can search it for individual drops or NPC’s in general.




  • Jad
  • Inferno
  • Pest Control
  • Missing Merlin quest






HCI Guide - Getting started

Bear in mind that these are only my personal suggestions. You don’t necessarily have to follow the same route.


Step 0:

Upon creating your account and logging in for the first time you receive a starter kit, which includes the following:



Step 1: Tools

The first thing you should do is buy all the basic tools from Juan. It will save you some time later on as you’ll already have everything in your bank.


Step 2: Basic stats

To make yourself familiar with how the game works, try getting some levels on all your skills. You will need food to train combat and Slayer anyway. I started off by getting everything 50+.


Now that you’ve done a little bit of this and that, you’ll probably want to look less like a noob and start PVM-ing. This means better gear. 


Step 3: Prayer

If you haven’t already, get 43+ prayer. Save up some bones and use them on the altar at home. This is what you probably want to spend your first voting bonus on.


Step 4: Barrows gloves

Once you’re 60-70 combat, take on the “Missing Merlin” quest. You want those Barrows gloves, don’t you?


Okay, so now you’re probably running around in a mash-up of iron plate, mithril legs, d med and an anti-dragon shield, or something similar to that. You need a step-up.


Step 5: Greater demons

Time to grind Greater demons for a dragon scimitar, rune legs, rune plate (completing Dragon Slayer is required to wear it) and a rune pickaxe. If you can, grab a Greater demon slayer task so you get slayer xp and gp along the way. Kill them at the Catacombs of Kourend. You can safespot them if you use ranged or magic. If you’re planning on meleeing them and using prayer, kill some White Knights south of Falador for a proselyte set first. It’ll save you some prayer points.


Step 6: Dragon defender

Dragon defender! Smith yourself the best armour set you can and take it to Warriors Guild. Gather up some tokens. Around 200 should be enough. If you’re 60+ defence the Cyclopes will drop the dragon defender right away. No need to go through bronze-rune. 


Step 7: Slayer helm

Slayer. You need 400 slayer points to unlock the ability to make a Slayer Helm. That’s something you should aim for. Along the way you will come across lots of supplies and probably some gear upgrades too. PS! I found doing timed-task challenges an easy way for extra slayer points.


Step 8: Slayer, lots of slayer

At this point you probably have plans of your own. My goals were getting my slayer up for Dragon boots from Nechryaels and a Whip from Abyssal demons. I also saved up PvM points and eventually bought a Fighter’s Torso.


Step 9: ???

You're on your own now! Good luck!






Random tips


Heart Crystal

Before you start doing some serious PvM and bossing, I suggest you grind out enough achievement points to buy a Heart Crystal from the Lesser Fanatic at home. It will save your life. Literally.


Skill points:

Cleaning grimy herbs is probably the fastest way of accumulating skill points, as long as you have them stocked up, of course. Another way of accumulating loads of skilling points is catching Implings at Puro Puro and exchanging them for the points at the npc (Elnock Inquisitor).


PvM points:

The fastest way to earn PvM points is bursting/barraging NPC-s at the Catacombs of Kourend. I've found Jellies to be the best as you can kill 11 of them at the same time and they have fairly high hitpoints. 



Your best source of seeds to train farming with is Master Farmer in Draynor. I suggest you get your thieving up before you start bullying him. The higher your thieving level the easier and faster it is for you to get the seeds as you won't get caught and take damage as often.



Getting some of the secondary ingredients can be bothersome. However, the following npc's will become your best friends in terms of Herblore supplies. They drop a decent amount of what you're going to need. And of course, pretty much all slayer monsters drop secondaries - some drop more, some less.


  • Snape grass - spawns next to the Crafting Guild + Cave Slimes
  • Blue dragon scales - spawn in Taverley dungeon + Blue dragons
  • Dragon scale dust - Giant spiders
  • Potato cactus - can be found around Kalphite Queen + Muggers (Asgarnian Ice Dungeon)
  • Red spiders' eggs - Big frogs; Deadly red spiders (Edgeville Dungeon wilderness)
  • Eye of newt & Limpwurt root - Crawling hands
  • Unicorn horn dust & Chocolate dust - Cave bugs
  • White berries - Kurasks & Big frogs
  • Goat horn dust - Cave slimes
  • Mort myre fungus - Giant spiders
  • Wine of Zamorak - Muggers
  • Crushed nest - Pirates (Asgarnian Ice Dungeon)



Never leave dragonhide on the floor, they're great xp. Also, your best sources for uncut gems are slayer drops & Gem bags from the Skill-store, gem stalls in Ardougne, gem rocks and Skeletal Wyverns if you're a higher level.



Killing Gargoyles is a decent source for bars as they drop noted stacks of 10-15 very often.


Combined with the Goldsmith gauntlets you can buy for 3000 skill points, gold ore is most likely the easiest method for Smithing xp. There are 7 gold rocks at the Crafting Guild btw. Entering the guild requires a brown apron which you can find in the house west of Rimmington tele. On a small table.


Also, always try to mine stuff that you're actually going to need for smithing.



Although you get bonus slay points for task streaks, I advise you to only do tasks you like or actually benefit from. Killing 50 Ankous instead of... say 20 Addy/Rune dragons will not only use up significally less of your supplies, but be much faster as well. Also, doing timed-task challenges is an easy way for extra slay points.


You can skip slayer tasks without breaking your streak by talking to a slayer master, choosing Rewards and clicking on the "Task" tab up top. You can choose between paying 100k for the skip or using 30 slayer points.




Good luck fellas! 

Edited by H a w k
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Great guide. Where have you been with this guide when I started my HC. Definitely will be helpful for some new players.

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Great guide, will help the new HCIM start out their journeys.

Edited by Hrdcore
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I always appreciate these guides, especially now that I have a dedicated HCI account and I never really got into it until now. Helps a lot :)

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Hci guide from the #1 hci, can't ask for more than that.

Will definitely forward new HCIs to this guide.

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It’s even good for the regular Ironmen noobs like me.

Good effort in the guide, it’s clear, detailed and well formatted. 


Nice work, @Hci Hawk.

Edited by Simon
Capital g
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Wonderful guide, Hawk - I love the guide's banner and the whole layout. Very informative and clear to read. This will very much help out the newer Hardcore Iron Men and alike a lot. I will certainly be coming back to make use of this guide if I ever get round to attempting the game mode. Thank-you and good job! 

Edited by Posty
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Spot on guide, definitely taking notes from this.

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