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Welcome to the 2nd Opening of Ascendancy. Ascendancy aims to take the title of the #1 Pvm and Event Hosting Community. Ascendancy is open to all and no applications are needed. In order to be considered a member simply idle in Ascendancy cc, A-Staff will rank members appropriately. We are a healthy and competitive community so activity is important. We will host events such as: Discord Lottery || Pvm Events || HnS Events|| Player Hosted Events || Voting Events. More information can be found in our Discord Server.








1. Follow all Indovian Rules located here.

2. Banter is allowed, If A-staff asks to cut it out, don't argue.

3. Don't Scam, report all pics/vids to discord and A-Staff.

4. Recruit when Possible.* (Not Mandatory but Incentivized)

5. Vote when possible.* (Not Mandatory but Incentivized) 

6. Help new players out.







Any Roles or Special Ranks given or established are given or issued based on productivity within the clan and Indovian community overall. Promotions may be assigned, tasked, or given as a reward. As of now, no applications are open for any ranks as we are inactive.


















































Ascendancy has a Discord Server! Join now to be up to date on our activity and events! You'll hear it first in our Official Discord Server.











Edited by Justin
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Our Doors are closed. Thank you for all who have participated. Maybe next time. As for now, like then, please be sure to vote and help the new players like we have in Ascendancy.

Edited by Justin

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Love the graphics! Best of luck with your clan, @Justin, wishing you nothing but success!

Edited by halsey
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