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  1. Today
  2. That's not bad actually, congratulations. I don't think I've hit the very rare table with probably over 500 opened
  3. We don’t. We’re preoccupied with other changes currently
  4. @Deluxe have we got an outcome for this one, keen to see
  5. Unfortunately all work I do is freelance so I do not keep all of it. I just skimmed my files to come up with these.
  6. Not too shabby there, mate. Do you happen to have a portfolio of previous work you've completed for customer(s)? I see you provided past work, but I'd love to see a portfolio if you happen to have one.
  7. hxpless

    Signature Shop

    Accepting signature requests under this form. Small amounts of money don't bother me, so it's free. If you like the content, feel free to donate something and I'll probably give it to my clan. Form: Some of my previous work: Click here for my video editing thread
  8. Trying to practice video editing and I need content to do that with. I'll provide a thumbnail as well considering the recent youtuber promotions. Just leave the video here or send them to my discord with any specific requests you might have. Click here for my free signature shop
  9. Nope, like (long bone?) to a dwh so when you hit the table it's not always a teachers wand. Inf gloves 1/300 Anything like master wand etc would be the same drop rate as mages book. maybe 1/800 instead for both. They're really afk and easy to kill, rates should be high. Especially for good items.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Down below you can find the lootations from 250 M'boxes. Feel free to leave any comments! Managed to hit the "Very rare" drop table that provides a 1/80 drop-rate. Received the following: 1x Bandos GodSword 1x Holy Sandals 1x Random H'ween Mask 1x Zenyte Shard
  12. Good to see people already getting involved! Hoping to see more content from you and other players
  13. Hello everyone, On the 18th of this month I will be hosting 2 rounds of HnS and 1 round of Trivia. There will be a total of 300m on the line so make sure you attend to get your chance at free loot. Be sure to tune in in Syndicate cc where I will be sure to provide more information if needed. GL to anyone planning to participate! PS- Donations are welcomed, if you would like to donated I will be taking donations via PM ingame or in discord, and for security reasons ea donation towards the event will be documented and proof'ed.
  14. Good server, Very Well Coded, @Indova Thomas has done a very good job coding, as well as, adding easter eggs that I use weekly to troll new HCI/older clueless HCI pretending to have them 1 hit (Easter Egg from Halloween Event that deals 99% Damage to you.) By far the best server I've ever been a part of. The staff team is amazing, and I'm thankful they put up with my shenanigans/Bullshit on a weekly basis. The community is amazing, we do have our moments but the regardless the community is one of the best, I wouldn't really change anything about it. Even though, i tend to be the rotten apple in the bunch, and I apologize.... Anywho, I love you all no homo. I'm grateful to be apart of such an amazing, ever growing community! Enjoy a HCI almost getting smacked.
  15. Good luck to all the other participants. Heres a quick little livestream we did earlier featuring some of Indova's very finest and also another video reaching out to any potential fans/watchers. And I think I might do a quick HnS event next, Ik you guys like those. Lmk! and
  16. Last week
  17. Indefinitely have some videos on the way, look forward to seeing some content!
  18. I feel this. Can have a look at doing something.
  19. Wholesome. Glad you're along with us!
  20. ooooooooo, Imma have have to try n get in on this.
  21. Looking forward to seeing what potential YouTuber's will bring to the table. Best of luck, everybody & thanks for the update @Deluxe.
  22. Dear Indovians. I wanted to take a few minutes to share my gratitude for this server and it's staff. I've been apart of this community for no longer than two weeks, and it's safe to say.. I've had a blast thus far! Ranging from the content this server has to offer, the banter within the community, events being hosted and so on & so forth. Indova has massive potential and I can't wait for the day where this server deserves the player-base it should have. @Indova this would've never been possible without yourself and the powerful staff team you have behind you supporting every movement and doing the best they can to improve the over all game play. I'm very grateful to be apart of this delightful community, thank you for having me.
  23. Hi everyone, With our advertisements resuming soon, we had the thought of trying to encourage more players to get involved with creating content as a way to further advertise the server and allow players to gain rewards at the same time. How can I get started? To begin creating videos, you will need: A YouTube account (create one if you haven't got one already). This is where your content would be uploaded/watched. Software to record with. I would recommend using OBS. You can download it from their website. A microphone for commentaries. This isn't a requirement but it will help better engage the viewers watching your videos so it will be a huge advantage. Fast internet. This'll help if you choose to livestream and will allow you to upload videos quicker. What sort of videos can I make? You can create any content as long as it's suitable. This can range from a variety of things such as a series, guides, server tours or making content collaborating with other players. What will I gain? If you were planning on getting started on YouTube in the past, this'll be the perfect time to build up your channel with the help of the community. Provided the content is good enough, it may be featured on the website and forum. Depending on the quality of videos, you can expect to receive the following after a certain amount of videos: YouTuber rank Referral code - We will reward you with bonds depending on the amount of referral code uses. Special YouTuber account - We can spawn items on a restricted account for content purposes. Giveaways - We will be able to provide items for you to giveaway to viewers. We look forward to seeing all the content you guys come up with! Best regards, The Indova Administration team
  24. Ngl I dont do clues, But that mimic room/mimic boss does look cool. But i cba to do clues tho.
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